Police say four people and a chilly bin appear to be the culprits in a weird eel-throwing incident in Timaru on Sunday night.

CCTV footage captured a group getting out of two vehicles - a red Holden commodore with a grey bumper and a light coloured ute - at 11.20pm on Sunday, Sergeant Greg Sutherland said.

The people took out a chilly bin and threw eels on the front lawn of a Collins St house.

Mr Sutherland they were unaware that the homeowners had installed CCTV due to an ongoing feud between the two groups, which he described as "boy racers".


He said it was unclear whether or not live eels were used, and the incident was the first time eels had been brought into the feud.

He did not know what had been done with the ells after they were thrown.

The incident has left Collins street residents feeling confused.

One elderly woman said she heard cars late Sunday night and, a bit later on, other odd noises.

"I thought it was a dog or somebody in the bushes here, but I don't know anything about any eels," she said.

Another resident on the quiet suburban street was also bemused. "What a strange thing to throw at someone," he said.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Timaru police station on 03 687 9808.