Proposed changes to taxi laws announced last night will not be the final word, an industry boss says.

Under the proposed rules those such as Uber offering ridesharing services will follow the same rules as traditional small-passenger services. This includes compulsory driver identification and passenger endorsement to operate as a passenger service vehicle.

Taxi Federation executive director Tim Reddish said his organisation was generally pleased with the proposals.

"We went into this review wanting an even market field and safety for passengers and drivers and that's largely been delivered."


There were still areas of concern, and the federation would make its voice heard when a parliamentary committee considered the proposed bill.

Under the proposals, drivers of small-passenger services will no longer have to do an area knowledge test, and vehicle signage - including information about fares - won't be compulsory.

The federation would contest both, Mr Reddish said.

"We think anybody running a professional service should know where they're going. And livery, that's top of the list. You can't have people hopping into cars on the streets without knowing who they are."