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The latest One News Colmar Brunton poll confirms the agonising demise of Labour.

National is at 50 per cent and Labour is at 28 per cent. National held a 7 per cent lead in the same poll in 2013, and now the gap is 22 per cent. This is a disaster for Labour.

Labour leader Andrew Little is tracking at a dismal 7 per cent in the preferred Prime Minister stakes - behind Winston Peters. It's the lowest poll rating for a Labour leader in five years.

Andrew Little says the poll result is "obviously disappointing" and reflected a "bad couple of weeks" in March.


"I think it's a question of us knuckling down, understanding the need for a clarity of message, and sticking to the things that are important to New Zealanders."

I'm sorry, but Labour just doesn't seem to get it, they're doing the complete opposite. They're rolling out ideas, sure, but there's always the caveat - increased taxes to pay for even more welfare.

The polls reflect Labour moving in a different direction to the public, simple as that.

The Future of Work conference revolved around far left foreign academics promoting their socialist ideas, and that's not where the public wants to go.

As for the Universal Income Benefit - all options on that table turned out to be horribly unaffordable, so why waste time debating ideas that are so "barking mad" the public won't endorse them?

Just today Labour showed why they continue to flounder in the polls.

Mr Little said the Prime Minister was "far too cagey" when asked if he had used a tax haven for his finances. "He needs to clear up this quickly. He must come clean if he has directly or indirectly benefitted [SIC] from funds in a tax haven. The last thing our international reputation needs is for rumours to swirl around our Prime Minister's tax affairs."

He has come clean Mr Little. He says it's a load of tosh! I have seen no evidence to the contrary.

For some odd reason, Little feels he's obliged to malign the PM at every turn.

He's implying that the PM is being dodgy with his wealth. He offers no evidence, just innuendo. It's "dirty politics" and it isn't working. Just have a look at the polls.

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