Friends and family of slain Auckland mum Jo Pert have gone to police with concerns about a "persistent" man questioning them about her death.

Pert, a mother of two young children, died after she was attacked on her morning run on Shore Rd, Remuera, on January 7.

Shocked residents found her body on the lawn of a home and Tevita Mafi Filo, 24, was charged with her murder after handing himself into police soon after the discovery.

This week, police confirmed family and friends of Pert had raised concerns about the man, whom the Herald on Sunday has chosen not to name, and sought advice over his contact with them.


It is understood the man was repeatedly contacting Pert's family and friends in person and over the phone and the nature of his inquiries were upsetting to them. The contact was described as "unwanted" and continued after they asked it to stop.

The man has accused parties other than Filo as being involved in her death.

These theories were "so far off the mark it's not even funny," said Auckland City Police Detective Inspector Kevin Hooper. He said police were aware of the man's claims and had spoken with him about them.

"Police are aware of this man's persistent behaviour towards people connected with Jo Pert," he said.

"There is absolutely no substance to any of these claims that he is suggesting that anyone other than the person who has been charged was involved. We know who this fellow is and we don't believe any of the things he is putting forward have any substance."

The man told the Herald on Sunday he was running a "tandem investigation" and believed his work was important.

"I am not trying to intimidate any of the family or associates of the deceased person," he said. "Contact was needed to be made with people associated with the inquiry that is being done."

It is understood he has taken information he has gathered to the police and intends to present more to the Crown prosecutor.

Hooper said the situation was being monitored by police and advice had been given to Pert's family and friends.