The motorcyclist injured in a crash with a car near Okoia on Thursday will need about three months to recover.

John Nottage will spend at least 10 days in hospital after police say he hit a car in an overtaking manoeuvre on No2 Line.

Brother David "Rabbit" Nottage said John Nottage had a back brace on and was having his shoulder x-rayed.

"He can't lift anything... can't even lift up his cellphone type of thing," he said.


He said John Nottage would need "at least three months of recovery, minimum to heal all the fractures".

Rabbit Nottage said it was the first serious injury in the family, though he himself had some minor spills from his motorbike out Okoia way as well when he was younger.

"We've been quite lucky in our family... considering what us kids get up to."

A Whanganui Hospital duty nurse manager said yesterday John Nottage was in a "satisfactory" condition.