Trade Me auctions offering genuine memorabilia from Taika Waititi's new film Hunt for the Wilderpeople are giving bidders the chance to own a piece of the movie.

After blitzing the New Zealand box office, taking in a record $1.3 million in its opening weekend, Wilderpeople looks set to become a Kiwi classic and now two costume pieces and the script are up for grabs online.

"Ricky Baker's skuxx as hoodie", "Uncle Hec's Classic Swannie," and Taika Waititi's script in an authentic "used" condition are all up for auction on Trade Me.

The listings have been made by the user Wilderpeople, a new account.


Chris Henry, the film's publicity manager, confirmed the auctions were legitimate and would raise money for the charity Foster Hope.

"Authentic, and coffee stained. This is Taika Waititi's script for Hunt for the Wilderpeople," the script's item description reads.

"The young star of the film, Julian Dennison, has said that Taika barely slept while shooting the movie. This is the script Taika had in his hands (most likely all night long) and it could be yours.

"Inside you'll find handwritten notes and story boards by the man himself."

Ricky's hoodie, which may or may not have tomato sauce spilled down its front according to its description, had 38 bids just after 5pm and bidding had reached over $100.

Uncle Hec's Swanndri was sitting a little lower at $52 and 13 bids. Waititi's script outstripped both the other listings with a top bid of nearly $170 after 27 bids.

It is estimated that 100,000 people have seen the movie in its first four days at cinemas, with audiences breaking into spontaneous applause at some screenings.

Wilderpeople knocked Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which took $741,000 on its second weekend, into second place on the local box office chart.

The previous record for a biggest opening weekend for a New Zealand film was the Once Were Warriors sequel What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?

At the end of last month, Waititi criticised an online auctioneer for selling Barry Crump's original Toyota Hilux on Trade Me.

The director accused the seller of "cashing in" on his movie, which is based on Crump's novel Wild Pork and Watercress.

The yellow 1984 Toyota Hilux, which was listed for $25,000 in an auction which has now expired, became famous during a 1984 Crump television commercial.

"Please don't pay these blaggards 25k for a car full of rust. Nice timing, btw, cashing in on our film's release," Waititi tweeted on March 27.