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Today I walked the length of Queen Street from K Road to Britomart and was taken back by how dirty and drab Auckland City has become. The Town Hall is the worst I have ever seen it and is in need of a paint job, as are a great many other buildings. It's been a while since I have spent time walking around town and was surprised to see so many homeless on benches with bedding and bags of clothes everywhere. None of this is a good first impression for visitors from the large number of cruise ships now visiting Auckland, not to mention other visitors from all over the world.


Over Easter I slipped in the scoria covering the footpaths on Mt Wellington, fracturing my ankle. Lots of people walked past and ignored us. Fortunately a tall, fit young Australian guy called Arran came to my rescue and literally carried me down to the carpark. It's nice to know we still have some heroes. I hope the Herald will print this acknowledgement of my gratitude.



Why have TV channels recently decided to put large blurred bands down each side of some pictures when we are watching news and current events? It is not only extremely annoying but distracting as well. Since TV has been dumbed down so much over time do they feel we are no longer capable of focusing on the key points the commentator is referring to?


I recently had to organise a repair on a sliding door for my very elderly and recently widowed mother in Auckland (I live out of town). The tradesman who assisted was extremely courteous and showed the utmost respect to Mum. Thank you Paul from Exceed.


It must be possible to put the parked High St cars in a parking building. Why can't we have a beautiful street for people like O'Connell? Or is it time to get a heavy vehicle licence for a front-end loader and move them that way?


A huge thank you to Peter from Lexus of Auckland City for going well above and beyond the call of duty, driving to Auckland Airport in his own time - in rush-hour Easter holiday traffic - to sort out our mix-up with the Lexus free car parking. We were able to carry on to enjoy our holiday. Unbelievable service. Thanks Peter.