A motorcyclist nabbed doing 132km/h on a rural stretch of road and found to have been drinking has led to another stern reminder from police to drive responsibly.

The motorcyclist was stopped on Thursday afternoon, on the No 1 Line near Longburn - the same road where an elderly man died when his car collided with a truck.

Police were still in the area of the accident when the motorcyclist was spotted doing 132km/h.

He was stopped and breath tested.


"The officer was disappointed to discover the rider had excess breath alcohol," a police statement said.

The motorcyclist was issued with a speeding ticket and will appear in court on a charge of driving with excess breath alcohol.

Police reminded drivers of their responsibilities.

"Road safety is everyones [sic] responsibility; excessive speed, drink driving and failing to drive to the conditions are all contributors to fatal crashes.

"We want all people to get to their destination safely; all too often we bring news to families that tears them apart. Safe drivers, Safer families."