The New Zealand Black Stacks - a team of competitive cup stackers - have left for Germany to compete in the world sport stacking champs.

Black Stack Caleb Mills, 15, is a home-schooled chicken entrepreneur and stacking enthusiast who has partly funded his overseas trip by selling free-range chicken eggs to local businesses in Rotorua.

Stacking was invented in the 1980s and is good for growing your brain and dexterity, Caleb said.

The sport involves stacking and unstacking a set of cups on a mat as quickly as possible and mere fractions of a second make the difference between winning and losing.


Caleb lives with his family in the back of beyond near Murupara and says stacking is a good sport for kids not so talented at traditional outdoor sports.

While not as big as rugby, there could be a future for Caleb in cup stacking.

"Everyone says I should do demos at bars and stuff, but I dunno."