NZ Herald Focus host Tristram Clayton has been a journalist for more than 15 years - a job which suits his jack-of-all-trades personality and goes some way towards satisfying his incessantly itchy feet.

Originally a bogan from Lower Hutt, he studied the odd mix of Science and Arts at university in Dunedin before spending a decade working around the world as an English teacher, PR consultant, busker and construction worker.

He drove from India to France in a VW combi and travelled to Rwanda in Central Africa to make a documentary.

For the past five years he worked on TV3's Campbell Live program where he reported on kids going hungry at school, uncovered a Fiji holiday house scam and was a Television Awards Finalist for his work exposing a multi-million dollar magazine scam.


Soon after the Christchurch's 2011 earthquake he won an award from the Skeptics Society for a story about the science of predicting earthquakes. Tristram loves the Skeptics Society.

He's also gone undercover as a beggar in Melbourne, chased immigration fraudsters down the street in Auckland and been driven around a racetrack by a dog.

In recent times he's written a series of articles for the New Zealand Herald's travel section - the highlight being sent to New York to write a story about a two day cruise on the third-largest cruise ship in the world.

In his spare time he enjoys music festivals, studying middle-eastern politics and religion and exploring New Zealand's finest beaches and bars. He runs the occasional half-marathon in an effort to make himself feel better about spending so much time exploring New Zealand's finest beaches and bars.