A woman has questioned the authority of a judge and called lawyers corrupt in an extraordinary court appearance in Hawera this morning.

Patricia Tahere Green appeared in the Hawera District Court on theft charges relating to taking seismic pegs.

Green initially refused to step into the dock despite the insistence of Judge Garry Barkle.

"You don't tell me the truth. Last time you lied to me," Green told the judge. "I'm not coming in there because I told you I'm not a criminal and you treated me like one.


"I don't trust anybody that is in this room right now."

Judge Barkle told Green she was facing two theft charges.

"I'm asking you to move into the body of the court." He said she would be held in contempt of court of she did not.

Green continued to refuse and questioned what authority the judge had.

Judge Barkle said: "We need to proceed according to the Act. The choice is yours."

Green stepped in the court but not the dock.

She declined to speak to a duty lawyer but took an application for legal aid.

"The people in your legal advice are corruptive," Green said. "These people that are here are not lawful.

"The newspapers are telling lies. They are not telling the truth."

Green entered no plea and was remanded to reappear on April 27.

At a previous appearance by Green, a fight broke out in the court and spilled outside after the court was cleared.

Following several arguments on March 1, Judge Barkle ordered Green be taken to the cells.

As the judge ordered the court to be cleared, up to 10 people began shouting, singing and verbally abusing court staff.

Angry outbursts continued outside the court as police clashed with protesters as a vehicle carried prisoners away from the property.