Police are on the hunt for two brothers, named Tyson and Evanda Harding, who have cut off their electronic monitoring bracelets and are on the run.

The Harding brothers are due to go on trial in June for methamphetamine-related charges.

They were both arrested in December 2014 as part of an organised crime operation into the sale and supply of methamphetamine - called Operation Easter.

Tyson, 19, is facing a charge of possession for supply of methamphetamine and 18-year-old Evanda is on more than 20 charges including possession of a class A controlled drug (methamphetamine) for supply, possession of equipment and materials, possession of class A controlled drugs and participating in an organised criminal group.


The brothers were on bail in the Whangarei area when on January 1 this year Tyson cut off his monitoring bracelet and fled.

Police have been unable to locate him.

Then on Tuesday, Evanda followed. He cut off his monitoring bracelet and fled a home in the Woodhill area on Whangarei.

Police are seeking any information on the men and their whereabouts.

Anyone who knows where they are should call 111 immediately or contact Detective Sergeant Andrew Dunhill on 021 191 6189.