TomTom released its annual traffic report based on trave' />


The survey compares travel times between peak and free flowing times. Auckland comes in at 40th on the list of cities with a population larger than 800,000.

Wednesday and Thursday evenings are the worst times to be travelling in Auckland when congestion levels rise to 47.5 minutes on top of every hour travelled compared with non-peak times. Even at non-peak times, Aucklanders can expect to add 33 per cent or 19 minutes per hour travelled at any point in the day.

For one hour every morning, Wellington is one of the worst cities in the world to be stuck in traffic. From 8am to 9am, overall journey time in New Zealand's capital is increased by 45 minutes for each hour travelled (75 per cent) compared to a traffic free time - on par with Shanghai and beating cities like Rio de Janiero, Istanbul and London.


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