Police have reunited the elderly Chinese woman from Northcote who was unable to recall her address or family members earlier today.

Police report she is safe and well, and they have thanked those in the community who assisted in reuniting her with her family.

Earlier the police were searching for the family of the elderly woman who walked on a motorway on-ramp this afternoon.

She was located by police on the corner of Onewa Rd and Sylvan Avenue in Northcote about 1.30pm.


The woman is aged in her 80s and was able to tell officers, through a translator, that she lives nearby, however, she can't recall her address and attempts to find her home or family members have been unsuccessful.

She appears to be in good physical health, and has mentioned through the translator that she has a relative who works as a doctor in Auckland.

She speaks the Hokkien dialect.

It was unclear if the lady lives alone, or with her family.

She was at the North Shore station where officers have been caring for her this afternoon.