A Coroner has adjourned the hearing into the death of a Christchurch school teacher.

Denise Robinson Winskill was killed when her husband accidentally ran over her in his ute in October 2013.

This morning the court heard from several witnesses, including a vehicle expert who re-enacted the scene using a manikin.

Husband Jon Winskill was recalled to answer questions surrounding the death of his wife at the pair's rural lifestyle block in Canterbury.


It follows evidence this morning suggesting it was unlikely for Jon Winskill to not have felt any resistance before reversing over his wife, unless she was lying down when she was hit.

Police believe he ran over her twice, once while reversing, and then shifting gear to run over her a second time.

Jon Winskill told the court he doesn't know why he decided to drive forward after feeling the initial bump.

Coroner David Crerar will release his decision in due course.

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