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My cousin phoned me today to thank me for the birthday card that arrived in the mail yesterday along with a Christmas card. The card was sent by fast post on January 14 and the Christmas card, needless to say, had been sent prior to Christmas. I must add that the addresses were correct, so why the delay. Come on NZ Post. Is it any wonder people are choosing other methods of sending mail etc.


I have just spent nearly a week at Middlemore Hospital in Ward 33 and cannot rave enough about the hard-working friendly nurses and staff. The doctors are top-class and friendly and explain things well. The meals are great considering the logistics of feeding so many people. I am grateful for the wonderful care.



My dog was attacked by a neighbour's dog and Auckland Council animal management gave my dog a written warning because my dog was not on a lead. (We were on our driveway). The other dog only got a warning as it was on a lead and had no prior history. So, if your dog is in public not on a lead you can be fined (or get a warning) but if you can't control your dog on a lead and it attacks another dog you get a warning.


The Tauranga concert by Sol3 Mio was an unforgettable and at times overwhelming, uplifting experience. While there were three stunning distinct voices, when they blended it was magical. The three young men gave spirituality, emotions, opera and humour, with their wonderful voices and music. There must be two sets of parents and the Samoan community in South Auckland who are immensely proud of their three sons and their achievements. We wish them well in their journeys and look forward to them coming back in the future.


I have never, anywhere in the world, spent so much time sitting at traffic lights. It is inconceivable that there is such a mess. It can take 10 minutes to do one block -- 2-3 minutes at one light.


For monthly band concerts at the Bruce Mason Theatre that bring enjoyment to audiences of mostly older citizens. Great entertainment. Great hospitality. Thoroughly enjoyed.