Police are getting ready to throw the book at a driver and his passenger spotted hanging out a car window to get a snap of a southern lake.

A photo has emerged of a woman propped up on car door window ledge holding on to the roof-rack of their Ford Telstar with one hand and getting a picture-perfect snap of Lake Pukaki on her camera with the other as the car hurtled south along State Highway 8.

Twizel constable Joe Rush said the pair were behaving in way that put themselves and others at risk.

"It's incredibly dangerous to have someone hanging out the window. First off they're not wearing any seatbelts and it doesn't matter where it is -- near Lake Pukaki or any road -- it's not acceptable behaviour.


"If someone's hanging out of the window taking photos it obviously creates a distraction to other drivers on the road and creates a whole set of new dangers."

Mr Rush said police took this type of behaviour seriously and it was simply not acceptable.

"The driver's at fault as well for allowing the passenger to be in a dangerous position.

"So the driver and the passenger are both at fault.

"If we do catch up with them there will be some consequences for them in terms of infringement notices or even further charges."

Mr Rush said the investigation was still in its early stages.

He was yet to speak to the person in the car following behind the older model station wagon.

The latest episode of reckless actions while driving comes less than a month after two French tourists were filmed urinating from a rental car as it drove along a Southland highway.

The tourists were billed $250 for car cleaning and escaped with a police warning.