The Ministry for Primary Industries has confirmed the object a Gonville woman says she found in a saveloy was a rat's foot.

Last week, Candace Mosen said her son, Lucas, discovered the foot when he put a piece of saveloy in his mouth.

MPI has since carried out testing on it. A spokesperson yesterday confirmed it was the left-front paw of a rat. MPI was now looking into how the foot might have got into the food.

"We hope to have this concluded by the end of week or early next week. Any potential follow-up action will depend on what we find."


The Top Hand brand saveloys were bought at SuperValue Wanganui.

Miss Mosen said she was in regular contact with the ministry and was pleased it was being investigated by a third party.

Meanwhile, Top Hat owner Tegel last week said it took food safety seriously and was looking into the claim.

It also issued a trade withdrawal.