This week, the Herald is talking to people and groups around the country about what they think of the current flag and the Kyle Lockwood design which Kiwis are being asked to choose between. Lincoln Tan speaks to leaders from different migrant communities.

Songvut Manoonpong, Thai (current flag)

I want change but I do not like the black on the new design. Black is associated with bad luck and death, so I am left with no choice.

Sophie Jayawardene, Zimbabwean (new flag)

I am all for change, because I believe that young people should have what they can see as representing them in the future.


Diane Lee, South Korean (current flag)

The flag represents history and everything that the country has gone through to be where we are today, I would never vote to change it.

Asoka Basnayake, Sri Lankan (new flag)

The old flag doesn't really represent New Zealand. It could be British, it could be Australian. I'm voting for change, although I don't really like the new one either.