How do you feel about streakers at football games? A bit of fun? Or idiots after their moment in the sun?

Or worse, perhaps?

The streaker at Friday night's Super Rugby game at Eden Park has made a complaint against a security guard.

The naked man was taken off the field by three guards towards the end of the match between the Highlanders and the Blues.


Streaker files complaint against Eden Park security guard
Hagley streaker gives guards a run for their money

He'd jumped over the fence and on to the field and had a bit of a run before he was grabbed by the guards. Then, he says, when he was out of sight, he was punched. He says one of the guards punched him several times, and so he's laid a complaint.

Guy Ngata, the Eden Park chief executive said they're investigating because while they don't tolerate streaking, they don't condone the mistreatment of people either.

Ngata is a better person then me. I wouldn't be quite so sympathetic. I don't understand the streaker mentality and never have. Why would you get naked and interrupt a sports game?

And I think my intolerance towards this is growing now that I'm a parent, and rugby - like most sport - is a family game. There would have been a lot of kids in the stands at Eden Park at the weekend. A lot of families.

And they're innocently watching the rugby as some idiot strips off, gets his 'todger' out, and tries to flash as many people as he can.

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Cricket fans got more entertainment than they paid for after a brazen streaker bared all when he ran onto the pitch at a match.

That's my issue really. Streakers are flashers. What they do, I think, is an act of indecent exposure. How is streaking any different to someone walking into a shopping mall and getting their kit off? Or walking down the road naked?

Why should you - or your children or grandchildren - be exposed to an adult who wants to flash their bits about?

Anyway, now we've found ourselves in the ridiculous situation where this streaker has laid a complaint because he believes he was assaulted.

It is he who has surely committed the far greater crime. I think Eden Park should ban him for life. Sod him. And while they're at it, drop the investigation too.

It is hard, surely, to find an ounce of sympathy for this man.

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