A 44-year-old woman found guilty on four charges of having sex with a 14-year-old boy has been named.

Teacher aide Raelyn Jacquelyn Te Moni was found guilty after a five-day trial in the Christchurch District Court. The boy gave evidence, the Christchurch Court News reported.

She denied five charges of having sexual intercourse and unlawful sexual connection with the boy. One charge was dismissed during the trial.

The jury heard that Te Moni sometimes drove the boy to a group he was involved in but at other times took him to her home, the Court News reported.


Te Moni has been granted bail with curfew until her sentencing on June 15.

Judge Brian Callaghan asked for a pre-sentence report, a victim impact and a report to assess her suitability for home detention. He ordered that she have no unsupervised contact with children while on bail and read her the first of three-strike warnings for repeat offenders.

Te Moni had name suppression during the trial, but Judge Callaghan lifted it following her conviction.