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Auckland Transport's announcement of a fare increase for some train users is rather ironic, considering the number of people who, under its honesty-based ticketing system, don't pay at all. With blatant fare evasion now prevalent on the trains, rather than fix this problem, AT is getting those who do pay to pay more!


We would just like to say a huge thank you to the refuse collectors who did Shakespeare Rd, Milford, on Thursday, February 25. We had forgotten to put our bins out and they took the time to find us so we could get them emptied. Pet & Vet say thank you!



Most unhappy that a lazy dog walker would choose to dump their smelly doggy poo bag in our empty recycle wheelie bin on the street in Northcote Point. We only put the bin out once a month. Should we have to live with that distasteful smell and mess because of their lack of consideration?


A big thank you to the staff at Orewa Countdown who helped me with my shopping on Wednesday, February 24. I was most unwell and with wheelchair and basket on the front it saved me a great deal of pain. I am most appreciative.


I find it really aggravating that, when dining with a group at a usually small table, suddenly a large amount of glassware, including huge jugs of water etc ... is plonked on the table, creating clutter. Surely it would be preferable to ask diners if they wish water to be included in their orders. Frequently, it is all left untouched as diners normally like to decide on their liquid refreshments for themselves.


A huge shout out for all the incredible staff at Starship hospital in emergency, the day-stay unit, pre-op, theatre and, especially, the wonderful post-op team in Ward 24A. My daughter needed a screw inserted in her left medial epicondyle and the operation was a tad more troublesome than expected. Thank you to Dr J Kennedy and his team for their expert "carpentry" skills.