A kitten takes a 240km road trip from Papamoa to Auckland and a woman's "intuition" saves her and a friend's life while eating at McDonald's are just two of the stories making headlines around the regions today.

A 2-month-old kitten has survived a hot 240km trip from Papamoa to Auckland after stowing away under the bonnet of a car.

A woman's "intuition" not to sit in her usual spot in Kamo McDonald"s saved her and a friend from being harmed when a car smashed through the outlet's front window right next to where they would have been sitting.

Strong entry numbers for the Air New Zealand Hawke's Bay International Marathon in May has prompted the airline to add 12 additional flights from Auckland and Wellington.


Being drunk in charge of a tractor has earned a Whanganui woman her first criminal conviction after she was seen weaving on the road.

A pensioner has won out over Masterton District Council in a dispute over an "inconsiderate" parking ticket.