The private who has pleaded guilty to supplying fellow soldiers with a psychoactive drug has had trouble with illegal substances in the past.

Private Luke Brame has pleaded guilty this morning to three charges relating to supplying and consuming the synthetic drug N-Bomb, and doing an act likely to prejudice service.

At a court martial in Linton this morning Captain Graeme Tavendale spoke of the defendants previous behaviour.

As private Brame's commanding officer in 2 Workshop Squadron Support, captain Tavendale told the court he was aware of disciplinary issues stemming back to 2013.


This included a civil offence, as well as being referred to a retention review to determine if he was fit for service.

Captain Tavendale said private Brame had also completed two drug and alcohol courses which gave him "tools and strategies to deal with substance use".

Private Brame "picked up his game" and became more attentive to his mechanics trade after a performance checklist was initiated. Shortly after Private Brame was diagnosed with dyslexia and attended courses at the Defence Force Learning Centre.

Towards the end of 2014 private Brame began slipping "back into old habits". Captain Tavendale said the soldier was warned that if this continued he would likely be recommended for discharge.

Private Brame's behaviour improved and he was removed from final warning mid last year.

After his offending in October Private Brame spent three days in close arrest and has been on open arrest since. He has been unable to perform his usual logistics role and instead has been carrying out maintenance tasks.

The court martial in Linton is expected to finish this afternoon. Major Ben Bateman is currently addressing the court on behalf of the prosecution.