Te Awamutu police have uncovered a toy treasure trove after a search warrant yielded a surprising cache.

In a post on the Te Awamutu police Facebook page police have asked for owners of more than two dozen stolen Little Tikes and pricey ride-on children's toys to come forward and claim their property.

The 27 toys include large Little Tikes coupe cars, tractors, sandpit diggers, bicycles with trainer wheels, scooters, a miniature trailer and a rocking horse.

After a recent unrelated search warrant a large amount of children's toys have been discovered that for a number of reasons didn't fit in at where they were found. The detectives here are seeking any potential owners or outstanding victims to come forward. If you think they are yours give us a ring or come into the station. A reference number of 151218/5359 will help when you call in. I understand the items can't be returned until after the prosecution case has finished. Jack.

Posted by Te Awamutu Police on Monday, February 15, 2016

They are part of a haul uncovered during an unrelated search warrant.


Police said for a number of reasons the large number of children's toys that were discovered did not fit where they were found.

Anyone who recognised any of the toys was asked to phone or visit the police station.

Some of the two-tone children's cars have been marked with distinctive names and numbers.

However, police said the items would not be able to be returned until a court case involving property seized alongside the toys had finished.