Pyrotechnic experts will try to create New Zealand's largest "wall of fire" in Wanaka this Easter.

The 400m long, 100m high display, created by 800 litres of fuel and about 2km of wiring, will end the airshow at this year's Warbirds Over Wanaka.

Fireman Pete Gallagher, who is leading the seven-person pyrotechnic team, said it would be a spectacular display.

"We have been putting lots of time into preparing for this massive display to end this year's Wanaka Airshow," he said.


"We did a 'wall of fire' at Wanaka a few years ago but it was pretty small compared with what we have planned for this year."

Fire engines and water tankers will be on standby at the airfield as a safety precaution.

The airshow will also feature a jet display, including two Vampire jets, two Strikemasters and an L29 fitted with a Viper engine.

The Royal Australian Airforce is a bringing a Hawk display team across the Tasman.

Jet racing would not be a part of the airshow as some aircraft needed weren't available.

"However, we are very fortunate that we will still have a number of jets here and they're working on some pretty impressive displays," said the general manager of the airshow, Ed Taylor.

Warbirds Over Wanaka International Airshow has been held every second Easter since 1988.

Good Friday is a practice day, Saturday and Sunday are airshow days and Easter Monday is Rides Day when visitors can book flights.