A late family member's lucky numbers proved to be the winning recipe for a Tauranga family who picked up $7.1 million in Lotto's latest big draw.

The local family bought their ticket from AJ's Lotto store, in Tauranga. They won $7 million in last Wednesday's Powerball first division prize and $100,000 in the Lotto first division.

In a statement today, they said the numbers -- 11, 12, 13, 17, 18, 19, 7 and 5 -- had been played regularly since discovering them in an old Lotto ticket bought by a late relative.

"We were clearing out some old drawers and discovered a family member's old Lotto tickets with the lucky numbers they played before they passed away.


"We figured 'why not give them another go? They could still have some luck about them'."

A member of the family said they did not immediately check their ticket or Wednesday's draw results, but had started to hear more about the win as the ticket went unclaimed.

"The day after the win, Tauranga was abuzz with the big news. Everyone was talking about it.

"Later in the morning I heard some guys at work talking about the win. They mentioned where the winning ticket had been sold and I thought, 'huh, that's where I get ours'."

When they finally got around to checking their ticket at the same store they bought it, the news was, surprisingly, funny.

"I checked the ticket under the self-checker and it flashed up 'First Division Winner'.

"I tapped the lady behind the counter on the shoulder and said, 'I think you'll want to see this'. She turned to me and said, 'I knew it would be you'. It was a really funny moment."

The winners said they were still discussing how to use the money and would continue to work. The family would be celebrating with fish and chips on the beach.

"We're both going to keep working -- just keep it real. This win won't change what we do. It'll just make life that much easier."