The owner of a Lamborghini worth half a million dollars has described the moment he heard his dream car had been crashed into.

The owner, who did not want to be named, was in a meeting in the Auckland CBD when he heard his Lamborghini Aventador parked nearby on High St had been hit by a black Mercedes-Benz.

The Mercedes-Benz rolled out of the Victoria St parking building and hit the Lamborghini.

"[The Mercedes-Benz driver] was an elderly guy, I can't sit there and yell at him, if it was your dad how would you feel?


Luxury cars in crashes

"I mean it's a mistake, he didn't crash it and then run away, he was okay about it, he stayed around. He had a pretty nice car too."

The Lamborghini owner said his car had significant damage.

"He had to hit the axle, of all places, so the whole wheel buckled, it was a bit of a mission getting it on the tow truck, it seems like it was damaged pretty badly so I'm going to have to order parts.

"I might be without it for a couple of months, but I can't sit around being pissed off about it."

He had owned the car for about a year.

"It was my dream car ... he crashed my dream car, but you can't sit in heat forever, it's all right.

"I worked hard for that bloody thing, I'll miss it for two months."


He still plans to park the car in the same place once it is repaired.

"Yeah, I have shisha, coffee and my meetings around here, mistakes happen, you can never predict when these things happen.

"I'm looking at the bigger picture.

"Imagine how [the other driver] feels, his no-claims bonus will be screwed, his insurers aren't going to like him."

An employee of a High St shop said he was told the driver of the Mercedes got out of the car as he was leaving the parking building.

"He couldn't reach the ticket machine, and then he got out of the car and it just rolled and hit the Lamborghini."

A man whose car was in the building alongside the Mercedes has described the incident unfolding.

He said the driver dropped the ticket and got out.

The witness, who did not want to be named, said the Mercedes then went backwards.

The driver leaned into the car to try to stop it, but accidentally put it into forward gear by mistake.

"[He] obviously couldn't stop the rolling forward despite trying to hang on the outside."

The witness said it was "unbelievably lucky that no people or moving cars were there at that time".

It was equally lucky that the man, who was left very shaken, was uninjured.

The Lamborghini is thought to be worth $595,000.

The Mercedes-Benz S Class retails from $197,500.

The High St worker said the Lamborghini was parked there most days.

"It's been a bit of a rark up around here," he said.