Police will continue investigating the circumstances that led to the death of a woman outside her South Auckland home.

Emergency services were called to Alma Crescent, Papakura, shortly before midday today.

Residents reported seeing a person lying on a footpath, but police said the dead woman was discovered in a vehicle outside her house about 11.45am.

St John earlier confirmed the death was not the result of a medical condition, so police were called.


Officers will continue inquiries to determine exactly what happened before the 54-year-old's death, including speaking to family members.

At the scene this afternoon, relatives gathered outside the home, hugging and comforting one another.

Neighbours who spoke to the Herald said they had heard yelling and shouting from the house shortly before an ambulance arrived.

At least two women were seen arguing on the front lawn.

One neighbour said the woman and one of her daughters had been arguing all morning.

The woman left the house and got into her car, her family believing she had driven away. But she was later found inside the car, still parked outside their house.

An ambulance was called, and paramedics pulled her out of the vehicle and on to the street to try to resuscitate her, he said.

"That's when they saw she had blood on her."

Her daughter also had blood on her, he said, possibly from trying to help her mother from the car.

The woman and her family are thought to have lived in the street for several years.