Over the past couple of months a small vegetable garden has sprung up on the berm at the top of Jeffs Rd in Flat Bush. It has been carefully established by an Asian woman and I have found it a joy to see the effort that has gone in to developing the garden. As of a few days ago several corn plants were almost at a stage where they could be harvested, along with other smaller vegetables. However, this all changed when Auckland Council contractors tidying the berm also opted to destroy the vegetable garden. Very sad.


I would like to thank the people who have developed the Matarangi/Rings Beach track. Their dedication and hard work developing this track and the wetland restoration is being enjoyed by many people and will be for many generations to come. Your foresight and generosity is very much appreciated.



To the drivers who insist on speeding up to pass in the right-hand lane at roundabouts, cannot complete the pass and then cut other drivers off. My bull bars will do damage. The law states: do not overtake unless you can complete the move safely.


To Josephine of Totara Vale, who found a much loved bag containing camera and other items at Milford Beach on Sunday. Josephine handed the bag directly to North Shore police. The items belong to our Paris-based daughter who lost the bag while strolling the beach walk with her visiting fiance and his recently arrived family. There is much joy and amazement in our home now that the bag has returned.

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