A dog that jumped through a car window and mauled a driver has been euthanized. The attack is just one of a number of serious dog attacks on the Coromandel Peninsula.

The car driver was flown to hospital with serious injuries to his upper body after the January 30 attack in Tairua, on the peninsula's east coast.

The dog was also injured in the attack, and was put down by Thames Coromandel District Council staff.

Operations manager for community environment Barry Smedts said there had been a spate of serious dog attacks across the peninsula between the end of January and the beginning of February, most on private property, and all involving "local" dogs.


During the same period, roaming dogs killed a small dog in Kennedy Bay in the north-east of the peninsula, and further south, in Whangamata, two pig dogs attacked a man on a commercial site.

The council is also investigating four reports of a rottweiler acting aggressively towards people on the street.

And a woman is facing fines after she exercised her two dogs, one which was classified as being "menacing", without restraint or muzzle.

Mr Smedts said the attacks were disappointing.

"Thousands of additional dogs arrived with visitors and absentee homeowners over the peak holiday period," he said.

But no attacks were reported at beaches or public places.

He said the attacks were all avoidable if owners kept their dogs under control.

"The attacks are a reminder to dog owners to control their dogs at all times or face penalties under the Dog Control Act.

"If dog owners see aggressive behaviour in their dogs they should make sure they correct that behaviour before more serious incidents occur."