Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee will leave for Europe today for a meeting of countries involved in the US-led coalition against Islamic State.

Thursday's meeting in Brussels will discuss each country's respective response to Islamic State, and how the campaign will change in the next 12 months.

"I am looking forward to talking with fellow defence ministers about our shared approach to defeating this barbaric organisation, ensuring the safety of New Zealanders at home and abroad," Mr Brownlee said.

Defence Force, chief Lieutenant General Tim Keating, will also attend the "Counter-Daesh Defence Ministerial Meeting".


New Zealand has about 145 troops in Iraq, mostly training Iraqi soldiers at Taji.

It is one of 18 countries training Iraqi forces and the troops are working alongside Australia in a deployment billed as a modern-day Anzac effort.

Prime Minister John Key has said he had no intention of extending the two-year term even if Australia stayed. Australia has an open-ended deployment, which it reviews annually.

About 24 countries of the 60 in the US-led coalition have a military involvement.

Mr Key has previously said the only other circumstance in which New Zealand would consider military involvement was under the mandate of a Security Council resolution.