Traffic appears to be flowing relatively freely as the holiday weekend draws to a close.

A northern police communications spokesman said there had been no reports of crashes or large amounts of congestion anywhere, while Waikato police said highways were busy but that was normal for a long weekend.

Senior Sergeant Andrew O'Reilly said there was always congestion around Kopu, just south of Thames, as was to be expected as Aucklanders left the Coromandel.

There were earlier reports of traffic coming to a standstill near Matangi, with one motorist telling the Herald traffic was two lanes deep on a passing lane at Matangi as they made their from Coromandel to Auckland.


There appeared to no serious issues further south.

A Wellington police communications spokesman said there had been a backlog at the tunnel at Manu Esplanade earlier in the day, about 30 minutes north of the capital, but that had since dissipated.

The usual 4pm to 6pm standstill had not been as bad as previous years, he said.

In the South Island, a police spokesman said roads were busy.