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Ngapuhi leaders can't get their heads around the TPP. They reckon the TPP is bad for Maori. That in some way it breaches the Treaty. I believe they are deluded, but it is what it is.

Today they voted against the Prime Minister John Key being invited onto the marae on Thursday.

The public are sick of this bitter and twisted rhetoric that surfaces year in year out.

The PM should just give Waitangi a pass. It's too divisive, too nasty, and pointless going.

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Ngapuhi have been fed misinformation over TPP. It does not impact on Treaty rights, period.

And that's the issue. They wanted to ban the Government for breaching so-called Treaty rights when the TPP does the exact opposite.

Meanwhile, there are bigger politics at play.

The Iowa caucuses are underway, and it is make or break for Donald Trump. He is polling well, but Iowa is legendary for shocks.

Trump has bragged about his lead in the polls so if he dumps to third, his race could be seriously damaged. He will have lost momentum.

Ted Cruz has got the feet on the ground in Iowa and it would be a surprise if he doesn't come out on top.

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The guy to watch is Marco Rubio and he's got the momentum.

Rubio was at around 5 per cent month ago and he's now looking at around 15 to 20 per cent. It's a dramatic rise.

Rubio is the best bet to beat Hillary Clinton.

Meanwhile, Clinton is in deep trouble with the socialist Bernie Sanders.

Sanders could win Iowa, but he won't win the presidency. Americans will never vote for a socialist.