A collection of cars is growing in an Auckland garden, putting a new spin on what it means to have a car yard.

Two cars have crashed into a garden on Piha Rd, Waiatarua in the past four days.

The homeowner, who wished not to be named, said the late-night crashes last night and Wednesday did not injure the car's occupants but flattened their garden and came dangerously close to their water tanks.

"We seem to be collecting white cars," she said. "We have lived here for 14 years and had 10 cars crash down here in that time -- one through the garage."


The first car of the week, a Subaru Outback, crashed about 1am on Wednesday, with the second car, a Mazda RX8, crashing about 11.30pm yesterday.

The first car flipped on to its roof and had remained upside down in the garden ever since, and the second car now sat beside it.

"The first guy just got out and got someone to pick him up and the other two, police came and took them back to Henderson."

It was lucky the accidents happened during the night, she said.

"It's on a bank area where we garden, and right next to the garage where we would be [during the day]."

She had been contacted by the vehicle owners' insurance companies.

"The insurance companies and tow truck companies have contacted us, the first one might need a crane to lift it out which would require a road closure and cost about $4500.

"Hopefully the other one can just be towed out with a tow truck."

She said the house shared a perimeter with a tight bend that carried a 20km/h speed suggestion in a 50km/h zone.

"We need to get a barrier there."