The doctor responsible for the chemical that was spilled and sent four people, including a pregnant woman, to hospital yesterday has admitted it was stored in the wrong place.

Dr Chris Maud, a general practitioner at Dodson Medical Centre in Milford, Auckland, was not at work when 100ml of Phenol fell from a shelf, exposing nine people to the substance.

Dr Maud said the chemical was solely used at the medical centre to treat ingrown toenails.

"It fell from a shelf ... it was in the wrong place.


"I would be responsible for the storage of the chemical and I need to revise that obviously."

Dr Maud was not at work when the spill occurred but went in after the news broke.

"It was quite alarming at the time."

Dr Maud said all four people had now been discharged from hospital, including the pregnant woman.

"She said they were quite thorough at the hospital and she was free to go, she said she was cleared and that she was okay."

He saw three of the victims at the emergency department at North Shore Hospital, and spoke to them when they returned to the medical centre to collect their belongings.

"No one was saying they had any breathing issues, they said they were comfortable."

Dr Maud said one person required further treatment, but he confirmed it was not the pregnant woman.