A man caught doing 180km/h on the Waikato expressway last night told police he was seeing how fast his car could go.

The Waikato road policing team posted the incident on Facebook, asking other road users if they would want to share the road with people who drive "like this guy".

In a post on the police district's Facebook page, an unnamed officer said the motorist's reason was because, "I wanted to see how fast my car would go".

The officer was none too impressed with the answer.


"The Waikato expressway is a nice, new piece of road with wire rope median, forgiving shoulders and wide lanes," the officer wrote.

"Many argue that the speed limit should be increased to 110km/h, which is under consideration by the NZTA. But are you willing to share the road with drivers like this guy? Because I'm not."

The driver has had his licence suspended for 28 days.