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I know the weather is hot, but as a health worker married to a motorcyclist, riding without protective gear seems like the most stupid idea in the world. Could it be possible you may have to put one of your feet down to save yourself from a fall, and do you think your Jandals will protect you? If you should fall, do you want to go along the ground on your bare skin? You may think it's okay and ACC will fix you up, but maybe your rego wouldn't be so expensive if people used common sense.


Thanks to the great guy (I believe he works at Wormald) that I got chatting to at the counter of Barilla Dumpling for sharing a couple of his spicy beef dumplings with me, after a half hour wait for my order to arrive. I hope your night in Takapuna went well. The company and kindness of a stranger made my day! Thanks.



As an Aucklander, I am pleased that Mt Eden is being protected from sightseers more that it has been in the past. However, on Saturday I saw a foreign couple who decided it was a good photo opportunity to climb to the bottom of the crater. When I pointed at the sign that one of them was leaning on to get the shot and told him entering the crater was not permitted, I was shouted at and then abused. Enforcement of the regulations would be helpful.


I have heard ads for the Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens exhibit all summer and finally got there yesterday. Even in the extreme heat, it was a pleasure to walk around. It is lovely and shady and well worth a drive west. Well done to the organisers. On the way, take time to stop at the Ginger Crunch Cafe at the Helensville Railway Station for a delicious homemade sweet treat.


While in Whitianga, my son was in a shop and dropped his wallet. He went to pay and realised he had just dropped it. He worked hard, saved and had Christmas money. So he had quite a good amount to spend there. Someone picked it up and walked out. Never handed it to a shop attendant or the police. It's a shame some people are so dishonest.


To Belinda of Sandringham, with the 14-year-old Labrador. Thank you for taking the time to sit with me during my moment of need on the Big King Reserve. A special act of kindness much appreciated.