The 39-year-old woman struck by a car while waiting for a cake inside a Whangarei business was left with a broken leg, lacerated kidney and shattered pelvis.

Her 5-year-old daughter was not injured when the yellow Suzuki was driven by a 73-year-old man across a footpath and into The Cheesecake Shop, at Tawera shopping centre, on Monday morning.

The car struck the woman and her child and trapped them in a glass cake display which shattered with the impact.

The woman remains in Whangarei Hospital and was in a stable condition.


Medical staff were yesterday waiting for her condition to stabilise before they operated on multiple fractures to her leg. Her pelvis was also broken in four places and she suffered a number of lacerations from the glass. Her daughter was released from hospital on Monday afternoon. The driver was also released from hospital on Monday.

Firefighters helped free the woman and initially did not see the girl who was covered by the woman. Police are continuing to investigate.

The shop was open again yesterday.