A woman has died while diving at Wellington's Owhiro Bay.

Emergency services were called shortly before midday today where Police responded to calls for help from two people performing CPR on a woman on rocks at Taputeranga Marine Reserve in Owhiro Bay.

Owhiro Bay resident Matthew Gilmartin was the first to rush to the woman's aid.

He said he was at home when he heard screams for help about 100 metres from shore at his Owhiro Bay Parade home.


"I quickly grabbed my kayak and paddled towards her."

He arrived near a rock where her husband had paddled her there to begin CPR.

"It was difficult.

"We started compressions on the rocks but she wasn't responding.

"We kept going, " he said.

He said a boat arrived shortly after, where the woman was moved to.

She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Mr Gilmartin suspected the woman was an experienced diver.


He said divers were often seen around the area and this didn't happen often.

A Police boat was still at Owhiro Bay.

The fatality came after Jerry Collins' cousin, Willie Collins, died last month while on a diving trip in Wellington's Lyall Bay.