How many police officers does it take to undo a Nutri-Bullet blender?

That was the dilemma faced by Hawke's Bay policemen when a woman walked into a station asking for help to undo a stuck blender containing her morning smoothie.

In one of the most bizarre jobs encountered this week Hastings police were the first port of call after a woman fastened her small mixer so tightly before blending her drink she couldn't get it open.

But as police operations go, it was far from straightforward.


In a detailed post on a Facebook page officers recounted the lengths they went to to get a result.

"First one constable, then another, tried to remove the flask from the motor section. Then one held the bottom while another twisted the top, but even this concentration of massed muscle power failed to budge the blender.

"Eventually one of the duo donned his leather gloves and, with the extra grip, the pair were able to free the smoothie."

They posted it was without doubt one of the most unusual jobs they had encountered and were happy the lady could eventually get to enjoy her smoothie.