Christmas was a pretty special time for one Hastings family who celebrated the festive season with all five generations of its maternal side.

Little Kobi-Rose Smiler-Rihia, who is just over 3 months old, is the youngest,, followed by her mother, Ashley May Rihia, 22, her grandmother, Rochelle Rihia, 43, her great-grandmother, Colleen Brady, 61, and her great-great-grandmother, Jean-Anne Fergusson, 83.

The average age difference between each generation is 20.75 years.

Ashley May Rihia couldn't resist capturing the moment when all five were together. "It's pretty rare to have all five generations present," she said. "We are such a close family and it's just so special for my daughter to meet her great-great-grandma."


In the photo Kobi-Rose can be seen staring straight into the camera while being proudly held by her great-great-grandmother, who said it was a precious moment. "It's so special because I realise that Kobi-Rose is a tiny part of me."

Mrs Brady hoped having all of them around would give her great-granddaughter some special memories.

"Kobi-Rose will have four generations of memories we can pass down and we are such a close and loving family."

The proud grandmother, Rochelle Rihia, hoped the youngest female in the family would just feel loved.

"I love the fact that my grandchild will be lucky enough to share the love I received from my mother and grandmother."