Mike Hosking has responded to divided opinion on a video in which he said if he was Prime Minister he would be seriously tempted to completely flag Waitangi.

In the video posted yesterday titled 'No Point Celebrating Waitangi Day' (which can be watched above), the Newstalk ZB and TVNZ host asked what's the point, and says it's an annual ritual of abuse, anger and ignorance.

This morning Hosking shared feedback, both good and bad, from the controversial opinion piece.

Hosking had argued that Ngapuhi elder Kingi Tauruais was a broken record who "drums up the same c**p every year".


This year Tauruais threatening to block the Government from Te Tii Marae on Waitangi Day if the Trans Pacific Partnership is signed, saying the signing is a breach of the Treaty of Waitangi.

Hosking said the media shouldn't be reporting on Tauruais' antics as it's "attention seeking".

He said Waitangi Day was now treated as nothing more than a day off as opposed to a proper day of recognition and that Key should consider flagging it.

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