While it is awesome that we have the tennis tournaments at Stanley St, is it possible not to close Domain Drive, particularly at rush hour, forcing commuters to cram into the remaining routes? Maybe a permanent realignment via Grafton Mews would take the pressure off the Tennis Lane intersection.


I visited the Mitre 10 store in Helensville yesterday, trying to get a new car key cut after my original one had snapped off in the ignition and other local businesses were unable to help. Huge thanks to Graham and Gail from Mitre 10 for going out of their way to assist me and providing first-class service, which I really appreciated. It's refreshing and increasingly rare. What a great asset to the Mitre 10 team!



To the truck drivers who tailgate the cars on the road, even though we are driving along a dual carriageway and there's another lane to pass. Don't know if you're playing a game called I'm bigger than you, so get out of my way. Well, you won't be so big if the car in front of you gets a puncture or needs to brake hard. There have already been enough deaths and carnage on the road, so back off and keep it safe.


Thumbs up for the gentleman who regularly, and voluntarily, takes it upon himself to pick up, sweep and tidy along Mt Albert Rd from the New North Rd intersection. Let's all give him a toot and a friendly smile to show our appreciation as we drive past. These are the sort of community-minded citizens we need more of.


Twice in the past week I've been exploring in the Auckland region and have checked the council website to find out if I could take my dog; the second time I backed it up with a call to their call centre and was very specific about where I wanted to go. Both times I was given the all-clear to take my dog on-leash. Both times it turned out the reserves were DoC-managed and off limits to dogs. It would be great if the call centre reps could give the right advice.


Thank you to everyone at the Maori cultural performance at Auckland Museum I attended with wheelchair-bound husband. And for letting son and grandson sit in with us. What a fantastic time we had. We are visiting son and family from UK. A great memory.

Mad and Mike
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