To the woman on Friday who turned up late to the cinema and wanted us to move over just one seat despite the fact that there were fewer than 10 patrons in one of Auckland's largest theatres. Get over yourself.


Thanks to Camp Waipu Cove community, Lifeguard Dan, three St John women and doctors who all helped when our 9-year-old son Jacob gashed his thigh on a surfboard fin. The injury was made so much easier by you all.



Next time bullied mum goes on a road trip I suggest she take a bag with a few toys and books with her for her darling to play with. We all end up paying for the "play" sugar and this teaches the child she is entitled to fiddle with things that belong to other people. I no longer go to cafes because I don't want to put up with other people's undisciplined children. I do, however, feel great joy when I see a child that knows how to behave. I also no longer buy things from the bulk bins at the supermarket after I saw a child with its hand down its nappy put that same hand into the dried fruit. Good luck, everyone.

Grumpy old bag

Had to receive a blood transfusion at the marvellous North Shore Hospital recently. Made me think of the unsung, unrecognised blood donor heroes in the community. Year after year they contribute selflessly to saving hundreds of lives.


What's up with screaming kids advertising cars for sale on TV. You can't hear a thing they say. I would never buy a car from an ad like that, it's like finger nails on a blackboard. Back to my blood pressure pills.


To the kind woman who gave my broken arm and I a cuddle outside the Devonport Yacht Club last Wednesday morning at 7.40. I was very upset and in a lot of pain after having hurried to the end of the wharf (in full view of the boat) and then the ferry driving off just as I descended the gangplank. Your kindness gave me strength to walk the rest of the way home.

Winged, Cheltenham

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