Complete the sentence: 2015 was the year of ...

Accepting things for what they are. Think less. Let loose. (As I wrote in January, and so it has turned out!)

Best film of 2015

I haven't seen any new releases. I loved The Great Beauty, though it might be a couple of years old. Italian. Stunning cinematography.


Most addictive TV show
True Detective. Although, As much as I love Rachel McAdams, the second was not nearly as good as season one.

How many hours of Netflix did you watch this year?

More than several wintry nights.

The song you can't stop singing?

Teddy Pendergrass - The More I Get, The More I Want.

The most interesting/entertaining person you've followed on social media this year?

I only started Instagram this year so I guess I could say anyone; I follow so many people that inspire me and make me laugh. National Geographic is an easy favourite front runner, for sure.

What TV show/movie franchise/music act did you give up - or nearly give up - on this year?
Narcos. I so wanted to love it. But it started becoming less about the people, more about narrative. I still pushed through til the end. Unlikely I'll check out Season Two.


What's the live music event of the summer you are most looking forward to?

I'm not sure yet but I'm hanging out for a winery gig. I love a day spent like that. Sun, friends, music, wine, platters. Lots o' platter.