Passengers on an aircraft at Auckland Airport yesterday evening had to disembark and go through security gates again after a security breach was discovered at the domestic terminal.

It is understood a door was found open in a "sterile" area -- an "airside" section that only passengers, and not the general public, can walk through.

An airport spokeswoman confirmed there had been an issue that had caused delays.

"About 6.20pm, there was a potential security breach identified that required passengers in the area of the domestic terminal to be rescreened by security," she said.


Two Jetstar flights, one from Auckland to Wellington and the other from Wellington to Auckland, were delayed.

A passenger on Jetstar's JQ267 flight to Wellington told the Herald passengers had already boarded the plane when they were told they all needed to go through security again.

"It's a bit unusual. They said, 'You all have to get off the plane, go through a security area and through security again'."

He said passengers were told that a door had been left open in a "sterile" area, which then meant everyone already on a plane needed to be rechecked through security.

The Aviation Security Service is investigating.