A Wellington woman has documented a modern social experiment of 30 Tinder dates in 30 days.

Melissa Brenzinger, 24, decided to embark on the dating venture last June after downloading the popular app.

"For the lolz (laughs) of my friends, family and with no expectations, the hope of at least one free brunch and to rebound quickly from my two week passionate Tinder fling," she wrote on her blog, 30 Days of Tinder.

"Generally speaking, I prefer tall guys with broad shoulders and Dad-bods. I'm not overly fussed other than that in terms of appearance. I like guys who have good chat, great humour, are easy-going and self-assured."


The "Tinder profile specialist" for an online dating help company - a project of her flatmate's - has written detailed, and often comical, accounts of her dates with varied people, including a woman, a bodybuilder, bearded hipsters, personal trainers, a "persistent joker", Canadians, a Londoner, Irishmen, and a "Harry Potter chat guy".

The first Tinder approach that caught her eye began with, "Heya stranger, I just bought a puppy yesterday. I'm the happiest boy in the world haha ..."

She arranged a date with the man which began with wine, cider and chocolate and ended with kissing in front of Hollywood rom-com Marley and Me.

Date two went well until she introduced him to a friend using date one's name - but they still kissed.

Other dates ended in awkward exchanges, a "ferocious pash", being blocked on Facebook, after-work drinks, one-word replies, and eventual cold shoulders.

To date, Ms Brenzinger has blogged about 22 of her 30 Tinder dates.

Date 21 was with a woman, which she stressed was not a "token effort" for the blog.

She described herself as being "probably straight", but summed up her sexual orientation using an analogy: "I eat a lot of curry and sometimes, every once in a while, I like to get a vegetarian curry. If I eat a vegetarian curry, it doesn't mean I'm a vegetarian."


Her last date was with a Tintin look-alike she thought was on the rebound, and ended with her writing: "He invited me later to attend a work event with him later on that night (my adorable slutty charm must have worked) but alas, I had another Tinder date lined up."

Ms Brenzinger said she was still writing posts about her dates.

"It was a project I did because I thought it would be funny and I hadn't found anyone who had written about Tinder to the extent that I had."

And it seems the experiment was a success. Ms Brenzinger met her current boyfriend on Tinder during the project and will stop blogging about her dating experiences once she has written about her remaining dates.

Melissa Brenzinger's 5 top tips

1 Lower your expectations.

2 Be wary of people's photos, bios and grammar.

3 Put an effort into your dialogue.

4 No really, lower your expectations.

5 The rules are there are no rules.