A Kiwi teenager is in an Australian hospital after he and his friends got into a car with a drunk stranger.

The man had also been suspended from driving when he befriended Joseph Po'uhila, 18, and three of his friends at Sydney's Kingsgrove Hotel and offered them a ride.

car spun out of control and a pole hit the passenger side where he was sitting.

A friend told media that he and his mates were drunk, with one was passed out in the back seat. After the crash, one of his passengers reportedly punched the driver, Daniel Leech, 37, in the head and he was sent to hospital.


Mr Po'uhila, who had just arrived in the country for a holiday, is now in intensive care with a ruptured kidney and spleen, fractured pelvis and ribs, and head injuries, Australia's 7 News reported.

Detective Inspector Adam Powderly told media: "The footage from the accident scene is absolute carnage. Most certainly I would say the young men involved in this crash are extremely lucky to get away with their lives."

The driver was three times over the limit, police said.

He insisted he was doing only 60kph in the 50k zone and police were doing tests to verify.

He was already suspended from driving for speeding and is expected to be charged.