Yesterday I found a parcel from China in my letter box addressed to Queens Drive, Oneroa, Waiheke, Auckland 1081. I live at the same number in Queen St, Northcote Point 0627. I can see how occasionally a letter will get caught up with others and go to the wrong number but how does this get through the system?


I applied online last week for renewal of my passport. The next day I received confirmation it had been dispatched and I received it by courier two working days later! Congratulations must go to a Government department, organised and prepared to process more than 31,000 passports in the past two weeks. Surely an impressive result.



I thought the speed limit applied to all vehicles on any road. Apparently I am wrong, as I am constantly overtaken, while observing the limit, by motorcycles who quickly disappear into the distance. Check out Pakuranga Rd for starters.


I went to The Warehouse in Royal Oak last week and all the staff, three in particular, were extremely helpful when I wanted a particular item for Christmas - the Russian doll nativity scene. Thank you, great attitude!


I accidentally waved my card above the payWave machine and all I heard was a beep. I was meaning to insert my card into the slot. It's a good thing I disabled the paywave option via my internet banking login ... Imagine all the chaos that'll go on during the Christmas and New Year shopping period!


I had an issue with ordering some wine via New World Victoria Park with a phone order. The minute the wine manager, Marcus, found out about it, he got in the company van and came straight over the bridge to the store and dropped it off, in Xmas traffic. Amazing service! And didn't even charge me delivery!

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